• Can I use these screencaps? - YES! You are more than welcome to use these images in any of your projects! Use them for YouTube thumbnails, blog header images, graphics, or whatever your heart desires! Credit isn't necessary but it is appreciated. While I put in the work to create these screencaps and upload them, they do not belong to me.

  • When will you be uploading Melody of Memory? - Most of MoM has been uploaded! The only things missing are some songs outside of the main campaign which I hope to upload soon.

  • When will all of the Kingdom Hearts 3 screencaps be uploaded? - 95% of the screencaps without subtitles are uploaded. I will be playing through the game a few more times to get gameplay footage and record the remaining screencaps with and without subtitles.

  • Why are you doing this? - There aren't currently any websites dedicated to uploading screencaps from the Kingdom Hearts games. Even sites that focus on the series have no area where you can find images from the games. Since I needed screencaps for my own projects, I figured other people would be in the same predicament and so decided to start this website.

  • Are you affiliated with any other websites? - Yes. Please check our "Affiliates" page at the top right of the website.

  • Why are some of the photos in certain albums out of order? - Short answer, Google organized the photos for you and for some reason it messed with the order of certain albums. I tried to fix this but there really is no easy way about it. Apologies.

  • When will all of the pictures be uploaded? - It is hard to say. This is a side project so I upload when I can. I still need to record all of Kingdom Hearts 2 and random bits from various games.

  • How are the screencaps organized? - Right now, images are split into three categories: cutscenes, gameplay, and other. Other includes cinematics and credits and title screens. The others are self explanatory. With all games besides Kingdom Hearts 1, text box cutscenes will also be organized in their own albums under cutscenes. Kingdom Hearts 1 text scenes are included in the gameplay albums. HOWEVER, I am working on a new initiative to make the caps more accessible and easy to find. Caps are going to be reorganized into smaller albums. Cutscenes will be organized by individual cutscenes from the theater mode in their respective game. Gameplay caps will still largely remain the same, but they will be put into smaller albums based on what is going on in the game to make it easier to find images.

  • What do you have left to upload? - You can see my progress via my Trello board here.